Windy Sage Mighty Mo


  • Nickname Bentn
  • Date of Birth May 01, 2020
  • Color Brown
  • Owners Todd R Baier, Sara Baier
  • Mother Cedarwoods Miss Boise
  • Father Cedarwoods Kaiser

Windy Sage Mighty Mo aka Bentn is a young male out of Cedarwoods Kaiser an Cedarwoods Miss Boise.  Naming him after the indomitable Missouri river belies our belief in his genetics.  An examination of his pedigree shows both the cooperation of NAPPA and the intense work of the individual dog men.  The hours of training, testing and planning a pedigree like Bentn’s are the reason so many conscientious hunters clamor to get a NAPPA dog.  We look forward to great things from Bentn.