Windy Sage Shadow Operator


  • Nickname Caesr
  • Date of Birth Feb 13, 2020
  • Color Brown
  • Owners Steve Green
  • Mother Cedarwoods Miss Montana
  • Father Cedarwoods Image of Tukr
Caesr is an outstanding male out Cedarwoods Image of Tukr and Cedarwoods Miss Montana that is owned by Steve Green.  WSPP force fetched Caesr in 2022 and during an phone call to Steve I asked him to quit paying his bill.  Steve was confused and asked, “Why?” “Steve, if you quit paying your bill, under our contract Caesr becomes my dog!” Of course I was joking, but behind every joke there is some truth.  Caesr and I get along very well.  He’s a very driven dog with a large amount of cooperation.  Caesr flew through force fetch and every time he’s run Utility he’s scored 4 in Duck Search. Caesr excels on wild birds and is a dog that I would take hunting every day.  

Health & Screenings

  • Penn Hip

    HD Free

Achievements & Titles

  • NAVHDA Utility Prize II 191