Windy Sage Pudelpointers is excited to announce that we are open for versatile hunting dog training for 2023!

Hunting Dog Training
  • Field Training including Search and Pointing
  • Retrieving on land and in water
  • Recovering wounded game.
NAVHDA Natural Ability Test Training
  • Field training focused on pointing and a cooperative, driven search.
  • Water training to ensure confident, bold retrieves
  • Tracking training to ensure confident, methodical tracking of wounded game.  Emphasize pointing the object of the track when found.
Advanced Retriever Training
  • Force Fetching or the Trained Retrieve
  • Duck Search (NAVHDA UT Test)
  • Lining drills
  • Handling
NAVHDA Utility Test Training
  • Steadiness: Wing, Shot and Fall also Steady by Blind
  • Retrieve to hand
  • Duck Search
  • Water retrieve of duck to hand

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